Coping with Pest Infestations: A Pest Control BlogCoping with Pest Infestations: A Pest Control Blog

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Coping with Pest Infestations: A Pest Control Blog

Hi, my name is Brenda, and I have been affected by pest infestations in the past. I know how frustrating it is to constantly have ants in your kitchen or to have mice running out of the furniture. In this blog, I am going to share everything I learned on the journey to become pest free. Here, you will find posts on removing pests, keeping them out, killing them naturally and also, dealing with the gross feeling of living under the same roof as them. If you want to get rid of your pests without losing your mind, you have come to the right place. Pull up a seat, start reading and enjoy!


Several Tips For Combating Spider Problems

A spider problem can be a source of major stress for homeowners. In addition to the risk of these pests causing painful bites, spiders can create a mess due to leaving abandoned webs and insect carcasses. Luckily, several spider control tips can greatly reduce the prevalence of these pests on and around your property. Prevent Insect Infestations And Problems Eliminating the source of food for the spiders is one of the most effective tips for addressing this problem. Read More 

3 Important Tips To Help You Get Rid Of An Ant Infestation

Have you recently discovered that a colony of ants has decided to move into your home? Do you want to get rid of them before they get even worse? While ants are relatively clean and germ-free, in comparison to roaches and other insect pests that might inhabit your home, they're still an annoyance and can cause damage if left unchecked. Unfortunately, it can also be difficult to eradicate them once they establish themselves. Read More 

The Ants, The Ants, The Ants Are On Fire: Understanding And Treating Fire Ants

The sight of a few ants should not frighten you, but seeing mounds of fire ants around your home can scare you enough to set your yard on fire. Of course, other, safer options are available to treat fire ants. With this guide, you will understand the dangers of fire ants and learn how to rid your home and yard of these pests. Understanding Fire Ants Mounds of dirt around your yard may be actual nests of ants. Read More 

Three Rat Control Tips For Homeowners

Rats are one of the more damaging rodents that can target a home. Unfortunately, there are homeowners that will fail to take steps to protect their homes against this threat due to being uninformed about effective rat mitigation strategies. By taking a few steps, you can greatly reduce the risk of encountering this issue with your home. Properly Store Pet Food It is usually more economical for pet owners to buy their animal's food in bulk. Read More 

Why You Should Sign Up For Regular Pest Control Services

When you moved into your home you assumed that the only residents would be the people and animals that you willingly invited to join you. Sometimes, however, you have a few uninvited guests that you hadn't bargained for. Dealing with insects and critters is rarely a good thing, especially when they seem to come out of nowhere. Although you might use a nearby shoe or a can of bug spray to get rid of the problem for the moment, you don't want to let the issue grow worse. Read More