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Coping with Pest Infestations: A Pest Control Blog

Hi, my name is Brenda, and I have been affected by pest infestations in the past. I know how frustrating it is to constantly have ants in your kitchen or to have mice running out of the furniture. In this blog, I am going to share everything I learned on the journey to become pest free. Here, you will find posts on removing pests, keeping them out, killing them naturally and also, dealing with the gross feeling of living under the same roof as them. If you want to get rid of your pests without losing your mind, you have come to the right place. Pull up a seat, start reading and enjoy!

Seen Flying Termites? What This Means And How To Get Them Out

If you are seeing what you think are flying termites, this is a sign that you have problems. Below is information on what flying termites are, as well as how to get them and the other termites away from your home. 

Flying Termites

What flying termites look like depends on the type of termites you have. If you have drywood termites, the flying termites have wings that range from red to grey. If you have subterranean termites, they are smaller and are a dark brown color. Because these termites are smaller their wings are longer than their body. 

Drywood termites come out during the summer until the first frost. Subterranean termites come out during the spring and summer months. 

Why They Fly

When a flying termite comes out of the nest or mud tube, they mate with another termite. They then create a brand new colony that will grow and grow over time. Your home will then have even more termites attacking it. You will mostly see these termites during the warmer months. When the termites mate with each other and have their eggs, they shed their wings and die. 

This is so dangerous because termites can produce thousands of eggs at one time. If you see several flying termites imagine how this can quickly add up to an infestation. 

Get Termites Out

You should never try to take care of a termite problem yourself. They can cause structural damage to a home. Contact a pest control company to do this for you. They will first inspect the exterior of your home and look for signs of termites. If you have stacked up wood, tall grass, areas collecting water, or mud tubes on the foundation, the contractor will remove these things.

The contractor sprays a liquid termiticide directly on your foundation. They also spray the termiticide on the soil around the perimeter of your home. They also spray this termiticide in other areas where they suspect termites both inside and outside your home. This termiticide attracts termites and when they eat it, they will quickly die. They also take come of the termiticide back to their colony so termites there will also die.

Once the contractor is finished spraying, you should ask them to come back again to make sure there are no more termites around your home. 

The contractor will give you many tips on how to prevent termites in the future. For more information on rodent treatment, contact a professional near you.